Mr. Oswald is a native Texan and has been practicing law in Texas for over three decades.

He has extensive experience handling civil cases including divorce, probate and business. All too often, law firms tend to focus on their bottom line instead of the needs of their clients. Prior to becoming an attorney, Mr. Oswald taught Special Education and History in the Texas public schools. He obtained his undergraduate degree from Stephen F. Austin State University and his law degree from South Texas College of Law Houston.

If you are married and you are contemplating filing for divorce or you have recently been served with a divorce, Mr. Oswald can assist you. Divorce raises serious questions concerning the custody of your children, visitation schedules, payment of child support and the division of your community assets and debts. Getting sound advice and understanding how a case progresses through the courts requires skill and experience. Mr. Oswald can provide you both and help you maintain your peace of mind.

If you prefer not to handle your legal matter alone, please don't hesitate to give us a call.

Lawsuits can be complicated, time-consuming and emotionally taxing on the parties involved. It's important to know your rights and get the legal advice you need to protect yourself.